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Cascade Computer Club

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Charitable organization that donated computers for usage of educational and job related resources.  Also trained staff of Sword Outreach how to maintain operations of computer.

Parent and Teen Connection & Parent Academy

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Parent Academy is a not-for-profit organization created to strengthen the families of St. Lucie County by giving parents and caregivers access to resources, information, and support they might not otherwise know about.

One Florida Foundation Marine Cleanup Initiative

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One Florida is a grassroots advocacy and educational organization dedicated to developing a sustainable statewide water policy. We are extremely concerned that current water management policy is contributing to the irreversible harm of Florida’s natural environment

American Dream Factory

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American Dream Factory is directed by Mr. Jack Hudson. Mr. Hudson mission is design around innovative and creative ideas of entrepreneurship. Mr. Hudson is driven to help bring innovative jobs to the community of St. Lucie County which is a great concern our community. Sword Outreach partners with American Dream Factory with inclusion of youth through many special collaborative projects.

Saint Lucie County School District

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Sword Outreach Mentoring & Resource Center, Inc is a volunteer organization with the St. Lucie County School District where many of its mentors both male and female volunteer their time within the schools such as Forest Grove Middle School with youth helping to build Self-Esteem & Character as a collaborative and conjoining partner of the school district.


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Sword Outreach Mentoring & Resource Center, Inc is a Kids at Hope standard facility that believes that every child is capable of success. All mentors of Sword Outreach Mentoring & Resource Center are required to be trained under the curriculum of kids at hope by one of their own Sword Outreach members who is a Kids at Hope trainer.

Multicultural Resource Centers, Children & Families, Inc


The Multi-Cultural Resource Center for Children & Families (MRC) is a grassroots nonprofit agency established in November 2009.
MRC focuses on meeting the needs of children and families in St. Lucie County who struggle with academic success, low neighborhood attachment, and a sense of community. We feel it is our responsibility to champion unconditional positive regard (Love, acceptance, understanding & affection) towards young people and their families that will promote family strengthening through youth development. These attitudes and beliefs are purposefully woven into the program’s day to day practices.

Sword Outreach Mentoring & Resource Center, Inc has a great collaboration with Mr. Marcus Dixon and staff through means of afterschool, educational, and tutorial activities. Mr. Dixon also volunteers time as a mentor of Sword Outreach on occasions.

Eckerd’s Kids Project Bridge Transitional Services


Project Bridge provides transitional services to boys and girls ages 11-21 reintegrating back to their home communities from juvenile justice residential commitment programs. Through an innovative collaboration of organizations, Project Bridge provides educational, mentoring, vocational and transportation services to help these youth achieve stable and successful lives and avoid re-entry into the criminal justice system.

Sword Outreach Mentoring & Resource Center, Inc partners with Eckerd’s Kids Project Bridge Program with Mrs. Jacqueline Fuller-Rhaheed. Sword Outreach has impressionable opportunities in mentoring in small group session with youth transitioning through Eckerd’s Kids Project Bridge program.

Fort Pierce City Housing Authority

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thIX83U9XN Sword Outreach Mentoring & Resource Center, Inc partners with the Fort Pierce Housing Authority in use of a dynamic community center which provides computer usage, tutoring services, extracurricular activities, mentoring for youth and many community resources for both parents and youth alike.

Lincoln Park Advisory Committee

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The Lincoln Park Advisory Committee is a subcommittee under the Safe Neighborhoods Network. Their role is to provide input, serve as the community mobilization arm of the Restoring the Village Youth Initiative, and assist with implementation of the federal Comprehensive Gang Model in the Lincoln Park area of Fort Pierce. The Committee includes the formal and informal leaders of the Lincoln Park area whose social or professional position, history of commitment to community activities, and role in neighborhood based organizations helps shape the attitudes and behaviors of key segments of Lincoln Park. The committee includes representatives from the Lincoln Park Ministers Association, Parents of Murdered Children (POMC), Fort Pierce Police Department, community mobilization groups, youth serving agencies, local NAACP chapter, and others. Sword Outreach Mentoring & Resource Center, Inc is proud to be one of the many collaborative partners of the St. Lucie County Lincoln Park Advisory Committee.

St. Lucie County Boys & Girls Club

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Sword Outreach Mentoring & Resource Center, Inc. has a ongoing relationship and partnership with the Garden Terrace and Infinity Center of the St. Lucie County Boys and Girls Club through occasional mentoring & extracurricular activities with the youth of the two centers.

Community Mobilization Team

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Community Mobilization Team Mission is mobilize community residents in the neighborhoods, To assist human services agencies in identifying and responding to the service needs of neighborhoods throughout St. Lucie County. To be active participants in delivering services to neighborhoods, paying special attention to programs and agencies helping residents who are unable to help themselves and to provide information pertaining to public assistance programs. Sword Outreach Mentoring & Resource Center has an ongoing relationship & partnership with CMT through many community service projects.


Village Coalition of Youth Activity St. Lucie County

0  Sword Outreach Mentoring & Resource Center, Inc is a collaborating partner of VCOYA which combines many youth associations within St. Lucie County to share information and support one another in community activities.


Community Outreach Youth Program

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Sword Outreach Mentoring & Resource Center, Inc has partnered with COYP on occasion through community service projects, youth extracurricular, and entertainment projects. Sword Outreach continues to build positive, on-going, and productive relationships for the youth of our communty. 

City of Ft. Pierce

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Sword Outreach Mentoring & Resource Centers, Inc partners with the City of Ft. Pierce with the “Paint Our Town” community service projects that benefits senior citizens of Ft. Pierce though the means of having volunteer organizations paint their home through the support and funding of the City of Ft. Pierce

Treasure Coast Career Source 

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Career Source of Treasure Coast is a private, non-profit, Florida corporation with a Board of Directors consisting of private business, economic development and education representatives, community and state agencies, and elected officials. Members of the Board represent the diversity of businesses, organizations and trades that operate in the Research Coast Region, including Indian River, Martin,  and St. Lucie County. We are chartered by the State of Florida to create and manage a workforce development service delivery system responsive to the needs of businesses and career seekers. We offer award-winning programs and partnerships recognized locally, statewide, and nationally. Our staff members are certified workforce professionals often recognized by their peers as leaders in workforce development

Sword Outreach Mentoring & Resource Center is in partnership with career source of treasure coast to provide resources of job search, job skill enhancements and potential job placement opportunities within the sword outreach mentor center or within the garden city career center. These opportunities are for the benefit of community residents both adults and youth.