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Organizational Background

Organizational Background

The Men of the Sword was founded in 1996 by Elder Terrance Beauford at Tabernacle Church of Deliverance in Fort Pierce, Florida. Targeted young men ages 5-18.

Founded in response to the increase in violent crimes committed by young men, the increase of single-family households that lacked the support of positive male role models, and the police chief’s request that the community churches come up with solutions. These included a community center and the establishment of police sub-stations within neighborhoods

Although crime went down in the neighborhoods with police substations, crime in local public places such as the fairgrounds continued.

Elder Terrance Beauford recognized that Men of the Sword needed to increase its reach by going beyond the churches into the community.

In 2013 Elder Terrance Beauford received another vision from God to expand his program beyond the young men. As more young women found their way into the spot light with the increasing of teen pregnancies, low self-esteem, lack of respect for themselves, drugs, gangs, single parents home etc. the need to reach out to these young women in the community developed. This lead to the name change of the Men of the Sword to Sword Outreach Mentoring and Resource Center, Inc servicing young men and young women ages 5 -18.